Welcome To The Sims Project

The Sims Project is an effort to help UK consumers get a better deal on their mobiles. Sims are the little cardboard rectangles that you put in your phone when you join up with a network for the first time, or swap into a new phone when you upgrade.

There are three main types of tariff in the UK, contracts, sim only and prepay plans. There are also a few others too, such as mobile broadband, which are variations for specific purposes, usually related to internet on the go.

All of the packages we refer to on the site are working on the big networks in the UK such as o2, Vodafone or Three, even if they're under a different company or brand, such as Virgin or GiffGaff.

We've organised the site into sections, so that you can select the type of tariff you want first, then compare the options you can choose from in each section. There's also a vast reference section too, whcih can help you to understand more about the sometimes confusing world of mobile phones.

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